Valgosocks nasochki sock bone in the foot: an action guide and how to buy

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What is Valgosocks

Socks Valgosocks – products that are really capable of eliminating late complications of flatfoot: hundreds of women have tested their effects on themselves.

Valgosocks sock

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Composition of socks from the stone

Socks are made of a special material with the following characteristics:

Hypoallergenicity: there is not even a theoretical risk of allergic reactions during socking.
Strength: strong threads and a special weave create a material that can be used for a long time without losing its properties. He is not afraid of regular socks, but can deteriorate when washing in the water hotter than 50 degrees.
Hygroscopicity: the fabric lets in air and moisture, the skin underneath it breathes and does not overheat. There are no favorable conditions for fungus.
Elasticity: the toe stretches, so it can be worn at any size of the foot. This creates a sufficient level of tension to create the desired effect.
Caring for socks is not difficult: it must be regularly washed manually in water at room temperature with the addition of soap or detergent. Dry the products better in the open air.

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Actions and effect Valgosocks

Valgosocks sock

Most people have become accustomed to trusting the fixators for the big toe, not suspecting that it carries out only half of the required curative effect. The fixator straightens the joint and, consequently, the finger, but people suffering from joint deformity, with almost 100% probability, suffer from transverse flatfoot. It develops due to constant stay on heels or in uncomfortable shoes and causes changes in metatarsal bones. Consequently, it is flatfoot that leads to the formation of a cone near the thumb. To get rid of two problems at once is quite realistic: you have to get into the habit of wearing Valgosocks sock every day, and he will start acting immediately:

Removes painful sensations from the excruciated muscles, gradually giving to a stop the beautiful form which was at it initially;
Aligns the joint of the thumb, allowing him to remember the correct position;
Creates support for metatarsal bones, removing the acquired spacing and making the foot lift more pronounced;
Reduces the load on individual parts of the foot, making it as uniform and harmless as possible;
Helps the feet to fully perform their function, restores the correct gait.

Valgosocks socks

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