Anti-aging wrinkle cream Goji cream, reviews, opinions of doctors, price, buy

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Clinically proven Goji Cream stops the aging of the cell and normalizes its work.
A wide range of vitamins and minerals, as well as BIOTIN in the composition of the cream form a heavy molecule, which allows penetration into the deep layers of the skin to make the impact of Goji Cream as efficient as possible.

Amino acids Goji Berries have a powerful antioxidant effect. This allows more cream to work actively for 24 hours. Amino acids act like a sponge, which seizes the transepidermal loss of moisture, which leads to deep moisture in the skin and a record decrease in wrinkles.



Includes various ingredients for protection against ultraviolet rays, as well as restoring biologically active elements for the restructuring of skin cells.
Helps prevent the recurrence of wrinkles, by enriching the face and neck with a wide range of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids.
Activates the natural production of collagen in the deep layers of the skin, Goji cream returns elasticity and youth in no time!

Instructions for use

Step 1
Gently cleanse the skin of cosmetics and contaminants with a wash or tonic.

Step 2
Apply the cream to cleansed skin. Circling massage movements, avoiding the area around the eyes.

Step 3
The skin is instantly pulled up and deeply moisturized. The cream continues to work actively 24 hours from the moment of application!


Contrary to the claims of marketers, dried berries practically do not contain vitamin C. In order for the body to get such a quantity of antioxidants, which is contained in a normal red apple, it is required to eat a kilogram of dried berries. While in fresh berries the count of vitamin C is 500 times more than in oranges.


In our cosmetics we give preference only to natural ingredients. Hendel uses innovative methods to create a successful line of care products.

Before going on sale, our cosmetics undergo dermatological control and clinical trials. Goji Cream has shown great effectiveness in combating wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.

In 97 out of 100 subjects, the result was noticeable after the first application.
In 93% of small and superficial wrinkles went through 10 days of application of the mask

REVIEWS of buyers

(Jennifer, 55 years old)
I love everything new, so I could not miss such a novelty as Goji Cream, an innovative cream for face rejuvenation. I’m under 60, my face is still very well preserved, but only thanks to the fact that I’m doing it.

Well, the structure of the cream is pleasant, light, not sticky, quickly absorbs, and wrinkles smoothes, like a hot iron and quickly enough, the effect became visible in a couple of weeks. For my skin it fits perfectly.

(Merlin, 45 years old)
Goji Cream I can recommend to women in the age of absolutely calm, it really helps. Goji is generally an interesting product, these berries contain so much in themselves magical, which is not surprising that they cope with wrinkles.

His mom gave me my pupil’s gift and you know, I was given so much everything, but so fast the skin got toned and goose paws and small mimic wrinkles began to smooth out, had not yet seen. While I use two weeks and the effect is available, then, probably, and with serious wrinkles we will struggle.

(Alice, 47 years old)
I’m fond of Chinese medicine and try to look for Chinese face creams, they know exactly how to preserve beauty over 5000 years of history. But to me already 50 years and recently quality and elasticity of a skin of my face have started to disturb me nevertheless. And the lion fold under the chin appeared, and on the bridge of the wrinkles intensified.

My cosmetician advised Goji Cream, said that he is innovative, and on a traditional Chinese remedy for rejuvenation is made, on goji berries. After two weeks of use, the skin, really, became more elastic, the wrinkles noticeably smoothed out, now I use it regularly.

How to order goji cream?

On the territory of the CIS countries, you can buy Goji Cream only on the official website of the manufacturer. To do this, you need to place an order on the manufacturer’s website, by clicking on the button at the bottom of the article or at the beginning. Only in this way can we really guarantee that you are buying the original Goji Cream, and not a fake.

Anti-aging wrinkle cream Goji cream, reviews, opinions of doctors, price, buy

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